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Website Replatform & Redesign

While ZAGG's products are well-known amongst the brick and mortar retail spaces like Apple, Best Buy, Verizon, it was a high priority for the company to evolve into the inevitable of becoming more digitized. With ZAGG's diverse selection of premium mobile accessories it was important to create an experience that complimented all the brands that fell under ZAGG's umbrella.
Thanks to five years' worth of qualitative and quantitative data. I had excellent insight into how to properly build and create the user experience for ZAGG's target demographic. A few important criteria and highlights included having excellent navigation, incredible storytelling, and thorough educational pages that allowed users to delve further into ZAGG's technology.

Product Details Page & Product
Listings Page

Given the wide range of mobile accessories available, it was essential for customers to have the ability to quickly filter and find what they were looking for. Along with making recommendations for complementary items and giving a reason to bundle and save.
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My initial strategy was to ensure that customers could visibly understand which brand each product was linked with, device compatibility, and tech callouts utilized on each product. Ensuring that consumers could quickly scan the pages to find the relevant information they were seeking.
Increased Conversion Rate
Increase In Online Sales

Educational Landing Pages

Technology has always played a significant role in what sets ZAGG goods apart from its competitors. With numerous new product launches per year, it is usually necessary to design an in-depth landing page to allow customers to learn more about the technology utilized in each of these products and ecosystems.
I purposefully developed a collection of modular templates that could be applied and organized in many ways. enabling me and other designers to create distinctive landing pages at a moment's notice.