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Shock Doctor image of football athletes.

Homepage Redesign

The football community is highly aware of Shock Doctor's goods. providing top-notch protection to athletes all over the world, including a few well-known NFL players. The cool factor, making a statement, and sticking out are always at the top of the list when it comes to consumer athletic goods. In addition to being difficult, improving the brand' digital aesthetics and targeting a younger demographic was also a little different from the design aesthetic I was used to.
My initial strategy for the homepage redesign was to gather as much data and insight as I could to understand what customers were buying and looking for from the brand. giving me the freedom to create a homepage that provided everything Shock Doctor has to offer while also catering to Shock Doctor's loyal customers.
Increased Conversion Rate
Increase In Sales
Shock Doctor background image of football athletes with mouthguards.
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